Pick Your Own Berries at Clyde River Berry Farm

Picking your own berries at Clyde River Berry Farm

Nothing tastes better than berries picked freshly in the height of summer by your own hands!

Current Berry Availability

We are now open for the Pick Your Own Season. We have an abundance of blueberries ripe and ready for picking.


We are primarily blueberry growers and these are available all summer. Other berries are available for short periods throughout summer and their availability depends on weather and demand during December/January.


We have a range of farm made jams available for purchase.


Called 'Bush Honey' as it is produced by the bees foraging in local forests and understorey shrubs. 'The Bush'. It's pure and clean with rich and varied flavours determined by the season and what is flowering.

Blueberry Plants

We currently do not have any plants available for sale.

Cool Drinks

For thirsty pickers, we have a selection of cool drinks available.

Ice Cream

Enjoy a delicious ice cream made with berries from our farm.

Berry Availability
We are safe from the fires now and we have plenty of blueberries available for picking.
We will be selling fresh blueberries at Ramsgate Farmers Market, Carriageworks, Capital Regions Farmers Market and Milton Produce Market on Saturday 11th January, 2020.